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Terms and Conditions
Loan currency  GEL
Minimum income 1000 GEL
Minimum loan amount Not defined
Maximum loan amount 90,000 GEL
Minimum loan term 1 month
Maximum loan term 60 months
Annual Interest Rate From 17.00%
Annual Effective Interest Rate From 28.00%
Collateral Vehicle to be purchased
Contribution From 30%
Vehicle Insurance Fee From 3%
Collateral Appraisal Fee 200 GEL
Pledge Registration 50 GEL
Issuance Fee From 0.5%
How to apply ?
To confirm amount and eligibility please apply using contact form or by sending email to info@isbank.ge
To apply, please visit our branches

Georgian citizens are entitled to receive loan up to 200,000 GEL only in the native currency