An overdraft is a short-term loan that allows you to use more than the amount on the account, and to repay the debt to the bank within the period stipulated by the overdraft agreement.

To activate the overdraft, it is necessary that the company where you work is included in the salary project of "Isbank Georgia" and your salary is credited to the account of "Isbank Georgia".

Terms and Conditions
Loan currency GEL
Minimum income 500 GEL
Minimum amount 100 GEL
Maximum amount 90% of salary and maximum 18,000 GEL
Minimum term 1 month
Maximum term 24 months
Annual Interest Rate From 17%
Annual Effective Interest Rate From 18%
Surety Not Required
Insurance Not Required
Issuance Fee 0
How to apply ?
To confirm amount and eligibility please apply using contact form or by sending email to
To apply, please visit our Branches

Overdraft is applicable only for our payroll customers; which employer company is involved in our Payroll program and receive their salaries via Isbank Georgia accounts.