Term Deposit

Place your money for fixed amount of time and enjoy the certainty of knowing exactly how much interest you're going to earn.

Term Rate Effective Rate
3 months 7.75% 7.98%
6 months 8.00% 8.16%
9 months 8.25% 8.33%
12 months 8.50% 8.50%
18 months 8.75% 8.57%
24 months 9.00% 8.63%

In case of monthly interest payment the applied rate will be 0.50% less


- Opening deposit - Free;
- Deposit currency - GEL;
- Minimum amount - 500 GEL;
- Increase or decrease - Not Allowed;
- Withdrawing the accrued interest - Monthly or at the end of the term;
- In case of termination of term deposit before the due date, no interest will      be accrued.

From January 1, 2018, the Bank participates in the deposit insurance system established on the basis of the Law of Georgia on the Deposit Insurance System. In case of an insurance event, the amount available on the depositor's deposit / account will be reimbursed by the Deposit Insurance Agency within the amount of GEL 30,000, while the remaining amount will be reimbursed in accordance with the current legislation.For more information visit the website of LEPL - Deposit Insurance Agency: www.diagency.ge