Internet Banking

Internet Banking
Isbank Georgia Retail Internet Banking Application allows you to:

  • View Account Details and Account Statement;
  • Send Account Statement to e-mail;
  • Open current account;
  • View Loan Details;
  • Currency Exchange with better rates special to Internet Banking;
  • Transfers between own account;
  • Transfers to Isbank Georgia accounts;
  • GEL Transfers to local banks;
  • FX transfers worldwide;
  • Immediate FX transfers to Isbank Turkey accounts;
  • Transaction status enquiry and getting receipts of previous transactions.

Terms and Rates
Activating the Service
Registration Free
Maintenance Free                
Money Transfer from the Account
Between own accounts Free
Between Isbank Georgia branches Free
To other banks - GEL 0.1%, Min.2 GEL
  <10,000: Max. 2 GEL
  10,000-99,999.99: Max. 5 GEL
  >=100,000: Max. 50 GEL
To other banks - USD/EUR/GBP Guaranteed - 0.2%, min. 40 USD/EUR/GBP, max. 500
Non-Guaranteed - 0.2%, min. 20 USD/EUR/GBP, max. 500
To other banks - TRY 0.6%, min. 250 TRY
To Isbank Turkey branches - USD/EUR/GBP 5 USD/EUR/GBP
To Isbank Turkey branches - TRY 130 TRY
Daily Limits
Transfers in GEL                                                        150,000 GEL or eqv. in other currency                                               
Transfers in USD/EUR/GBP 150,000 GEL or eqv. in other currency
Transfers to Isbank Georgia 150,000 GEL or eqv. in other currency
Currency exchange Daily limit - 150,000 GEL or eqv. in other currency

Internet Banking User Manual