Requirements related to international money transfers

Requirements related to international money transfers

According to the internal policy of Isbank Georgia it is not allowed to carry out transactions directly/indirectly related to the Islamic Republic of Iran, which also implies the transportation of goods through the territory of Iran and/or by means of transport registered in Iran (air, sea, land, railway), or settlements related to such goods/shipments, where the country of origin or transportation of the goods is Iran.


The Bank reserves the right to close the customer's accounts without prior notice in case of detection of the above transaction.


We would like to inform you that the bank is entitled, regardless of the amount of money, to request the following documentation to perform the crossborder payment:


  • invoice/contract;
  • Certificate of origin of the goods or other document that identifies the country of manufacture;
  • Transportation document.


Submission of documentation is mandatory in case of any currency transfer, if the country of the beneficiary’s bank is:

China - CN, Singapore - SG, India - IN, Hong Kong - HK, Iraq - IQ, Pakistan - PK, Malaysia - MY, Indonesia - ID, Philippines - PH, South Korea - KR, Taiwan - TW, United Arab Emirates - AE, Turkey - TR, Armenia - AM, Azerbaijan - AZ.


Transport document means transport documents related to the current transaction, such as:

- MBL ‒ A master bill of lading in case of transportation by sea;

- CMR ‒ Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road;

- RWB ‒ railway transport document;

- MAWB ‒ air freight transport document.


The invoice / contract and the transportation document must be in accordance with each other, namely: both documents must contain the same consignee / buyer, sender / seller. If these two documents contain different parties, it is mandatory to present the HBL / FBL / HAWB ‒ domestic transportation document of the shipment ‒ the forwarder's domestic bill of lading.