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Changes in Operational Tariffs
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Changes in Operational Tariffs
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Changes in Operational Tariffs

Please be informed that from 1st of May Bank’s Operational Tariffs will be changed as follows:

Cash withdrawal from the account

  • 0.4%, min. 2 GEL;
  • 0.5%, min. 2 USD/EUR/GBP;
  • 0.4%, min. 50 Turkish lira.

Cash deposit in TRY and transfer to Isbank Turkiye

  • Transfer from branch: 250 TRY;
  • Transfer from remote channels - 130 TRY;
  • Cash Deposit: 2% of the amount.

GEL transfers from the Branch

  • Individual: 0.1%, min. 2 GEL.
    4 GEL (< 10,000), max. 10 GEL (10,000-100,000), max. 100 GEL (>100,000) for individuals;

Max. 10 GEL (< 10,000), max. 20 GEL (10,000-100,000), max. 200 GEL (>100,000) for legal entities.

GEL transfers through remote channels

  • Individual: 0.1%, min. 2 GEL.
    2 GEL (< 10,000), max. 5 GEL (10,000-100,000), max. 50 GEL (>100,000) for individuals;

Max. 5 GEL (< 10,000), max. 10 GEL (10,000-100,000), max. 100 GEL (>100,000) for legal entities.


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Online Payments
Dear Customers,

Please be advised that, as of 10 April 2023, the current utilities payments service on our Bank's Internet and Mobile Banking platforms will be temporarily suspended in order to better serve you. There is no change in other services offered through the aforementioned platforms.

We hope to serve you again soon with high quality and renewed products.

JSC Isbank Georgia

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Changes in the Operational Tariffs

Please be informed that starting from 1st of March, 2023 commission for outgoing GEL transfers will be:

  • GEL Transfers to other Banks from the Branch
    0.07%, Min. 1 GEL, Max. 200 GEL
  • GEL Transfers to other Banks from Digital Channels
    0.07%, Min. 1 GEL, Max. 100 GEL
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Plastic Cards
We would like to inform you, that in order to better serve your needs we temporarily seize providing Plastic Card services from February 1, 2023.
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Requirements related to international money transfers

According to the internal policy of Isbank Georgia it is not allowed to carry out transactions directly/indirectly related to the Islamic Republic of Iran, which also implies the transportation of goods through the territory of Iran and/or by means of transport registered in Iran (air, sea, land, railway), or settlements related to such goods/shipments, where the country of origin or transportation of the goods is Iran.


The Bank reserves the right to close the customer's accounts without prior notice in case of detection of the above transaction.


We would like to inform you that the bank is entitled, regardless of the amount of money, to request the following documentation to perform the crossborder payment:


  • invoice/contract;
  • Certificate of origin of the goods or other document that identifies the country of manufacture;
  • Transportation document.


Submission of documentation is mandatory in case of any currency transfer, if the country of the beneficiary’s bank is:

China - CN, Singapore - SG, India - IN, Hong Kong - HK, Iraq - IQ, Pakistan - PK, Malaysia - MY, Indonesia - ID, Philippines - PH, South Korea - KR, Taiwan - TW, United Arab Emirates - AE, Turkey - TR, Armenia - AM, Azerbaijan - AZ.


Transport document means transport documents related to the current transaction, such as:

- MBL ‒ A master bill of lading in case of transportation by sea;

- CMR ‒ Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road;

- RWB ‒ railway transport document;

- MAWB ‒ air freight transport document.


The invoice / contract and the transportation document must be in accordance with each other, namely: both documents must contain the same consignee / buyer, sender / seller. If these two documents contain different parties, it is mandatory to present the HBL / FBL / HAWB ‒ domestic transportation document of the shipment ‒ the forwarder's domestic bill of lading.

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Changes in the Operational Tariffs

Please be informed that starting from 1st of August, 2022 comissions for outgoing TRY transfers will be:


To Türkiye İşbank Branches

  • From Branch: 80 TRY
  • From Internet/Mobile Banking: 50 TRY


To Other Banks

  • 6%, min. 250 TRY
  • Investigation/Amendment/Cancellation: 400 TRY
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Our Bank and related parties have no relationship with the institutions which have similar names with our Bank and which are referred to in the news that the UK is to impose sanctions on 5 Russian banks.
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